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Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

Meridian Credit Card Processing Industrial Careers Job Training designed for your professional growth and success! Each course will address key facts of the industry that are necessary for expanding your knowledge and expertise. Courses are designed to meet your needs whether you work for an ISO, financial institution, processor, vendor or service provider. We will cover the latest developments, issues and regulations relating to the electronic processing industry. Best of all, we’re capitalizing on the skills and expertise of those who know the industry the best our members and those actually dealing with the issues on a day-to-day basis to serve as faculty for this special job training. We want your feedback! If there is a particular area that you would like more information or training, please let us know. We are constantly striving to make our course offerings the best and most relevant for our ever-changing Industry.


Course Outline:

Introduction to Electronic Processing OR equivalent experience) focuses on the rules and regulations for setting up a sales organization. It covers the guidelines for sponsorship of Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and examines the requirements of an acquirer as well as an ISO, with an emphasis on risk and liability mitigation. The course also covers the guidelines for setting up merchants, including suggested contractual language and risk management practices. This course provides a complement to the Introduction to Electronic Processing course with an emphasis on sales and marketing practices.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the different types of selling organizations, their roles and responsibilities undertaken by each type

  • Understand the basics of establishing your sales office

  • Identify vertical markets to sell to

  • Understand the fundamentals of marketing as well as the available resources utilized by the ISO community currently

  • Understand how to read a merchant statement and the fundamentals of pricing a merchant account

  • Understand the fundamentals of relationship management to increase sales and reduce attrition Define action items and set goals


Course Outline:

1. Recap of Electronic Processing “A Day in the Life of a Transaction”

2. Overview of Sales Marketing Categories:

3. Industry players

4. Establishing your office

5. Identify vertical markets and lead generation

6. Introductory marketing

7. Merchant sales and service

8. Relationship management

9. Summary and action items




Lesson 1: Industry Players

  • Recap of Introduction to Electronic Processing “A Day in the Life of a Transaction”

  • The networks

  • Acquirers

  • Processing platforms

  • VARs and Gateways

  • Categories of ISO’s


Lesson 2: Establishing your Office

  • Identify and select your ISO/acquirer/processor

  • Setting-up vendor relationships

Lesson 3: Identify Vertical Markets

  • Market niches


Lesson 4: Introductory Marketing

  • Tools

  • Programs and strategy

  • Overview of product launches and brand management

Lesson 5: Merchant Sales & Service

  • How to read a merchant statement

  • Merchant pricing

  • Servicing a merchant


Lesson 6: Relationship Management

  • Goal setting (with your acquirer or ISO)


Lesson 7: Summary and Action Items

  • Recap of the topics covered as well as an overview of topics to be covered in the & Action Items

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