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Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

Meridian Credit Card Processing Industrial Careers Job Training designed for your professional growth and success! Each course will address key facts of the industry that are necessary for expanding your knowledge and expertise. Courses are designed to meet your needs whether you work for an ISO, financial institution, processor, vendor or service provider. We will cover the latest developments, issues and regulations relating to the electronic processing industry. Best of all, we’re capitalizing on the skills and expertise of those who know the industry the best our members and those actually dealing with the issues on a day-to-day basis to serve as faculty for this special job training. We want your feedback! If there is a particular area that you would like more information or training, please let us know. We are constantly striving to make our course offerings the best and most relevant for our ever-changing Industry.




Learning Objectives:


At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Define commonly used terms in the Electronic Processing Industry

  • Understand the roles of various participants within the industry

  • Understand different payment types and how large the volume is Understand how a credit card payment goes from card to statement and how the merchant gets paid

  • Understand how debit processing works


I. History of Payment Cards


II. Industry Players

  • Issuer

  • Card Company Networks

  • Association

  • Cardholder / Merchant

  • Acquirer

  • Industry Participants

  • Processor


  • MLS

  • Member Bank

  • Agent Bank

  • POS

  • Gateway

  • PSPs and Aggregators


III. Card Types

  • Payment card

  • Payment types

  • EMV

  • Mobile Payments

  • Card value-adds and technology

  • Pin debit vs. signature debit

  • Authentication methods

  • Prepaid card types

  • Credit vs. debit vs. prepaid


IV. Standards and Regulations


V. Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Hierarchy of players

  • Credit & debt card networks

  • Acquirer

  • Processor (front end and back end)

  • Independent sales organization (ISO/MSP)

  • POS (class A and class B, certification)

  • VARs, value-adds and third party gateways

  • Deployment providers


VI. Market Statistics

  • Top Acquirers

  • By bank card volume

  • By number of transactions

  • By merchant outlets


VII. “A Day in the Life of a Transaction”

  • Seven Stages of Processing

  • Authorization

  • Merchant balancing

  • Capture

  • Clearing

  • Interchange

  • Settlement

  • Merchant Deposit (ACH)

  • Interchange flow ($100 sale example)


VIII. Summary

  • A final recap of the topics covered, as well as a high level overview of the topics covered in ETAU’s operations, technology and sales and marketing introductory courses with Q&A.

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