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Business Services and education support

Join Our Open Class for Business Services and Education Support

1. Foundation Support for Basic Management Education:

  • The Meridian Business, Legal, Investment Wish Foundation is committed to bolstering basic business management knowledge for current and future business owners and their teams.

  • Tailored programs for various industries cover essential topics like business plan development, marketing, sales strategies, employment law, staff training, and foundational legal and tax considerations.

  • Special focus is placed on assisting immigrants new to the U.S. business landscape, overcoming barriers like unfamiliarity with business laws, market characteristics, and language hurdles.

  • Our curriculum includes essential business, marketing, and management training, alongside technical and business English courses, to ensure a comprehensive educational support system.

2. Support for Entrepreneurial Start-ups:

  • We delve into crucial aspects of business setup, offering guidance on licensing, business structures (nonprofit vs. commercial, corporation types, LLCs, partnerships), and the regulatory requirements for starting a business.

  • Entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of franchising, including preparation of necessary documentation and insights on franchisor-franchisee relations, aiding in informed decision-making.

3. Employment Programs for Early Retirement:

  • For individuals in their early 40s to 60s facing job loss or early retirement, our program offers a fresh start, focusing on re-employment opportunities and support for new business ventures.

  • We address the challenges of longer lifespans and the trend towards early retirement, providing guidance, educational support, and access to government funding for starting new businesses.

4. Job Seeker and Employer Education Services:

  • Job seekers receive training on resume writing, computer, English, customer service, and marketing skills, along with interviewing techniques and effective workplace communication.

  • Employers benefit from vocational training services and our collaboration with government-operated programs like EDD, offering comprehensive employment support.

  • Multilingual staff and state-of-the-art resources aid in job searches, career planning, and personalized job placement, with opportunities for on-the-job training.

5. Education Services for New Business Owners:

  • Our Work Source Center for Business Owners provides access to education on business assistance programs, covering marketing, management, and finance.

  • Services include pre-screening and referral of qualified job applicants, customized legal training, and up-to-date labor market information, catering to the specific needs of employers.

6. Networking Workshops for Christian and Women Business Owners:

  • Annually, we host networking workshops for Christian business owners and women in business, fostering an environment for collaboration, feedback, and the generation of innovative ideas.

  • These workshops welcome entrepreneurs, shop owners, consultants, and online business owners from all sectors, promoting a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation invites you to join our comprehensive support programs, designed to empower business owners, entrepreneurs, and job seekers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

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