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We are excited about the prospect of expanding our community support through your generous contributions. Here's how you can make a difference with your donation:

  1. For more information and to connect with us directly, please visit our contact page: Meridian Wish Contact.

  2. To make a secure online donation, please visit our donation page here: GoFundMe Donation Page.

  3. If you prefer to donate via check, Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation gladly accepts payee checks sent to PO Box 3872, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. For those who wish to visit our local office or make a donation over the phone, please contact us at 424-343-7025 for further instructions.


Your support is instrumental in our efforts to rejuvenate communities across the United States, providing essential education to entrepreneurs and aiding job seekers in their career paths.

Thank you deeply for your contribution to our nonprofit's mission. Your generosity plays a vital role in the empowerment and support of countless individuals striving for success and stability.

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