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Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training( June/2020 - Dec/2020)

Section 2 Field Training

Class 1: How to make an appointment & sign contract by the phone training


Class 1 :Instructor: PTM Mr.Dorillo, PTM Ms. April, PSM Ms. Naina





Team 1    DORILLO( P T M)            APRIL (P TM)

1)Make an appointment by the phone and closed deals - Instructor Dorillo  



Team 2    NAINA( P S M)             APRIL (P T M)           

2)Make presentation fill out an application with the merchant- Instructor Naina




Team 3    APRIL (P TM)           NAINA ( P S M)

3)Merchant approved after that installation with the merchant- Instructor April

( Total Time 19: 34 )

Class 2 - Example case study and sign contract.  

Time : 3 pm to 4 pm

Class 2 :Instructor: Dorillo, April, Naina




                    AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 1    DORILLO( P T M)        APRIL (P TM)

1)I got charge-back $1000 and I lost -Instructor Dorillo


                    AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 2    DORILLO( P T M)        NAINA( P S M)          

2)My contract over I can switch another company- Instructor April


                   AGENTS                MERCHANTS         

Team 3    APRIL (P T M)           NAINA( P S M)

3)I get charged Non-PCI compliance fee- Instructor Dorillo


                   AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 4    APRIL (P TM)           DORILLO( P T M)

4)My terminal so old I need update-Instructor -April


                   AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 5    NAINA( P S M)          DORILLO( P T M)

4)My Processing fee so high, increased this month Instructor Naina


                  AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 6    NAINA( P S M)          APRIL (P T M)

6)Still Under contract 6 months call back after 6 months later -Instructor Naina


( Total Time  32: 03 )

Class 3: Statement analysis presentation training  

Time :  4pm -5 pm

Class 3 Instructor: Dorillo, April, Naina



                 AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 1    DORILLO( P T M)        APRIL (P TM)

Sample 1 Statement  Analysis -Instructor Dorillo


                AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 2    APRIL (P T M)           NAINA( P S M)   

Sample 2 - Statement  Analysis-Instructor Naina


                AGENTS                MERCHANTS

Team 3    NAINA( P S M)          DORILLO( P T M)

Sample 3 - Statement Analysis-Instructor Naina

( Total Time 13: 36 )


Conclusion : Final closing & Evaluation form

Evaluation form - FILL OUT FROM & RECORDING ( OPTIONAL) Time 10 min  


Total time 13.36 + 10 min =23.36

Section 3 Evaluation form

Evaluation form - Please Fill out this form 

Total Time: 10 min  


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