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Business Services and education support
  • Basic management education supports Business owner and start-up business owner and their employees:
    Our non-profit organization Meridian Business, Legal, Investment Wish Foundation supports the basic business management education for the manager who is currently operating a business, and the business person who newly starts up their business or will be start business in the future. Specifically, the training contents will be further developed for employers who will be engaged in various industries about business plan preparation, marketing and sales, employment law, employee education, and workshop, basic business law & taxation education, our program will create a new business environment at their workplace, create a lot of new jobs place, and manage our employees more effectively. In addition, when an initial immigrant demonstrates his/her first business in the United States, he/she cannot act in the mainstream society due to lack of business law, lack of awareness of the characteristics of US business, language barriers, it includes the most basic education support in order to solve the problem. It also includes a variety of training programs for business, marketing, and business management programs, technical training, computer training, and business English.

  • Entrepreneurship start-up business education support:

    Entrepreneurship education addresses the important issues you need to know when setting up your business and educates you about the licensed courses, and the different enterprise-wide set-ups of different types of businesses through the governmental period required for business start-up. For example, first of all, the difference between nonprofit organizations and commercial organizations, between corporations and private businesses, C-corporations and s-corporations, LLC, partnership differences, educational services on the overall requirements and preparation situation for education and business establishment with advantages and weaknesses of various kinds of businesses. In addition, it is also necessary for business operators to franchiser their businesses and to prepare preliminary contracts, or to prepare preliminary documents required by the prefectural government to know about starting the franchiser business And advise on areas to look out for, and provide franchise and franchiser connections and educational services.

  • Support employment program for the early 40s to 50s, with gradual early retirement:

    We can live a second life against a jobless person who has a wealth of experience as an employer in an already existing society between 40 and 65 years old, or a job seeker who is currently operating a vertical business due to a business entity provides opportunities. People are losing their jobs and playing at home when they are in their early 40s to 50s, with gradual early retirement, changing into an aging society, one of the most serious problems in the United States. So, we provide employment programs to help you get back to work for these elderly early retirees and to introduce educational support and government funding programs so you can open up new businesses.


  • Supporting Job Seeker's employment assistance services and their employer‘s education: 

    It teaches job seekers how to write a resume, how to acquire computer skills and English skills, customer service skills, telephone counseling skills, marketing methods, how to interview employees with employees, how to create a long communication between the boss and the employee culture, communication law, all require vocational training and provide basic business skills training services. We will provide job services to employees who are not only nonprofit organizations, but also those who are looking for the next job, with the cooperation of specialized period such as EDD, labor assistance program, work source service operated by the government. There are greeted by friendly staffs who speak their languages, at this point, Korean, Spanish, English and other language interpretation services team will offer them the assistance they need;* have access to state-of-the-art computerized job search, current job postings, resume and pre-employment workshops;* receive one-on-one career planning and counseling, personalized job placement, and paid on-the-job training opportunities.


  • New Business owner supporting education services:

    Business owner’s Work source center offers a wide of services which include access to business assistance program education which marketing and management for business and finance information for their business needs, employment support service included pre-screening, recruitment, and referral of qualified applicants for their business;* customized training programs for legal expect for business running such business law, international business law, immigration investment assistant training, and the latest labor market information;*  


Business Services and education support

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Business Services and Education Supports

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