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About Meridian Wish Foundation

Our Leadership & Broad of Directors 


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Ph.d., D.B.A.

Abraham J Lee


Founder & President  

Vice President

.Dr. Sarah Sun Liew serves as president at Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation.


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew has Post Doctoral Ph. D. Sales and Marketing Degree at New-burgh University. Doctor Business Administration Degree Pacific University & Studied M.B.A at Pacific University & M.B.A /CPA courses at UC Berkeley. 


 She has been working over 23 years in the Real Estate, bankcard services , Banking & Finance Industry, also legal services. She is CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Investment Legal Group


She had over 20 professional certified for Real Estate, Investment, Merchant Services , Banking, Finance and Legal. 

Mr. Lee Jae-Hyun serves as vice president Meridian business legal investment Wish foundation, and Vice President and Managing Director of Meridian Payment system.


He studied 1995- 1999, Master of Business Administration at Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.

BA Business Administration at Pusan University of Management, South Korea. 


Over 26 years studying and working at the university.

Attorney Andrew Kim_edited.jpg

Andrew Kim


Trustee and Counselor 

Attorney, Andrew Kim serves as president of Law Office Andrew K Kim APC and serve trustee and counselor at Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation.


He was graduated from JD doctoral courses at Pappies university and practice law for business and immigration since 1990.


Christina Mason


Ms. Mason serves as Secretary of Meridian Business Legal Investment, and Ms. Mason served many years nonprofit organization as a marketing specialist and coordinator of nonprofit marketing and managing over 20 years.

She have been working as secretary of Dr. Sarah Liew Office and working as agent trainer and marking specialist for all her companies merchant services working with Dr. Sarah Sun Liew since 2010


She studied at the University of California, Santa Clara for business management.

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