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Job Training 1 for MIT


Job Training 2 Real Estate Agents and Borkers courses


Job Training 3 EA /CPA  


Job Training 4 Administration Courses 


Job Training 5 Covid -19 Scharaship job placement classes

Online Business Education
The MIT Business Services online courses developed by industry experts in the real business world needed such business law, business marketing & sales, investment & finance education. 


Where you are in your position as a Small business owner or entrepreneur or early job speaker from MBA school students. These courses will be inspiring you to fulfill your needs which you are feeling always needed. A business owner in the USA anywhere, you can learn online

We think creating various jobs is to save America. The field of vocational education must continue to evolve, but vocational education must be prepared to successfully explore the development, as there is not enough vocational education at actual universities.


Jobs include individualized technical education and standard education, which is essential for everyone. Our vocational training develops your potential skills with advanced technologies technical knowledge and has the opportunity to work in a variety of backgrounds.

The method of receiving legal services directly was through the help of lawyers. This curriculum can help you learn business law, contract law, bankruptcy, small claim, family law, restraint law, real estate law, tax law, property law, heritage law, trust law, and many other specialized courses that will assist you in joining the law.   

As the times changed, there were law firms, in-house lawyers, legal service firms, and legal technology firms, but no law firms provided sufficient training for clients 

This course provides practical training. First, the Advanced Sales Prospecting course gives experts the skills to understand the market, identify good times, and opportunities. The Solution Selling process enables tangible sales situation research and market presentation techniques to help that demonstrate value by showing how to solve customer problems and the potential value of them. Collaborative Sales Negotiations execute sales negotiations to reach mutually beneficial contracts between buyers and sellers. Executive-Level Selling diverse expertise, approaching the most effective customer decision-makers as a sales expert,  developing continuous trust and reliability, and continuing sales performance with customer satisfaction.


Business Education Class 1- Small business Startup  classes


Business Education Class 2 

Legal /contract class 


Legal Education - 

Family law class / Divorce Filling   


Legal Education class - Small Claims & Bankruptcy Law  


Leadership Workshop Class

- Entrepreneur, Women & Youth leadership Workshop

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